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There’s never a “good time” to be sentenced to jail for stabbing.

But for Jeremy Jackson, best known as Los Angeles County’s own Hobie Buchannon, this is a particularly bad time.

For nine years, Jackson knew the joys of slow-mo running next to Pamela Anderson for a living. In October 2015, news broke that the Baywatch alum had been arrested and subsequently released from jail following a stabbing incident.

It seems to have occurred back in August—according to the alleged victim, Jeremy was trying to steal her boyfriend’s car.

Led by David Hasselhoff as Mitch Buchannon, the beloved series starred Jeremy Jackson as Buchannon’s son Hobie.You know…I didn’t wash my hands for a couple weeks.” Davis, Wonky Mc Valtrex and others. Couldn’t they have waited for Dlisted’s 10th anniversary in January to give us this gutter gift from 2005?Jeremy tells TMZ he was at a party at Wonky’s rented house in Malibu last night and at around 2 this morning, Fat Elvis and other nasty pieces of L. trash attacked him and cracked a liquor bottle over his head.Jeremy didn’t say why they came after him, but he did say that they’re all “” The cops tell TMZ that they got 2 separate calls from 2 separate people at the party who claimed they got attacked by the other one.One of the two people was Wonky’s brother (probably Barron Hilton).

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And Fat Elvis earning the 8-balls Wonky gives him by beating tricks she tells him to beat up tells us that everything is fine and well in the 2005 exhibit of the fame whore zoo and we can keep it moving.

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